Monthly Archives: December 2011


Book Maker

Book Maker, if you please
Fashion bound covers carry with ease
Pages of words together strung
Like strands of gems and spacers and beads sung
Touched and worn
Gleaned, adorned
Collected for just an occasion
We cherish, remember and read



Icy river

Icy river seeps deep in veins
sending trembling waves
Dark blue moon, are you there?
Cold wind delivers uninvited chills
Shaking limbs shiver sans ceasing
Where is the warmth I’m seeking?
Though frozen current stings
skin rubbed raw serrate air
Still hunting heart fire burning
Glowing coals eternal
Watch over us, guide us with grace
To turn tide toward love
When fears we name and bravely face



Packed in cotton

Packed in cotton head to toe
How much pain she’ll never know
Burned before, down to the quick
Wrapped in suave to do the trick

Hips moan aching, bound up tight
Heart left breaking, holed up light
Pull yellow ray, unravel mesh
Unwind yarn told, make winding nest

Story victim, thriller small
Hurt by others, lovers all
Tug tale’s tail, make believe
Misplaced heart still on her sleeve

Round and round, mind play fight
Long sob story, painful plight
Underneath, more sagas lie
Wound and wound, more reasons why

To keep them now would hide true face
Lest pretense shed, redeem in grace
Bound unbound, frame limber and free
Reveal the gift God placed in me.