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Packed in cotton

Packed in cotton head to toe
How much pain she’ll never know
Burned before, down to the quick
Wrapped in suave to do the trick

Hips moan aching, bound up tight
Heart left breaking, holed up light
Pull yellow ray, unravel mesh
Unwind yarn told, make winding nest

Story victim, thriller small
Hurt by others, lovers all
Tug tale’s tail, make believe
Misplaced heart still on her sleeve

Round and round, mind play fight
Long sob story, painful plight
Underneath, more sagas lie
Wound and wound, more reasons why

To keep them now would hide true face
Lest pretense shed, redeem in grace
Bound unbound, frame limber and free
Reveal the gift God placed in me.



Cindy Lu

Cindy Lu, what happened to you?
You’re all grown up and then some.
In tiny steps one
After the next,
You’ve covered quite the distance.
Once a tot,
A teen, then not,
You’ve really grown quite handsome.
So, what for you? Now something new?
You’ll act your age for instance?


Seed of Wisdom

Seed of wisdom
Do grow stronger
Drink each breath of living
Seed of wisdom
Do grow longer
Shine new growth wielding
Till branches reach
Trunk tall and wide
Leaves the seasons changing
To fall with graceful knowing
Seed to wisdom