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Tiny steps

Tiny steps to quantum size
And every in-between
When change unfolds, direction clear
Far greater than mere decision
Random plays, grand sequence still
Orchestrates the score
Our task to focus on baton
In peripheral view
And walk the pace as meter change
Tocks sojourn gate
Listen, take step and


Dancing 'Round the Rhino

Dancing ‘Round the Rhino
Make way!
Here it comes
Look out!
Has anyone seen the invisible beast
that no one is talking about?
It’s huge
It’s heavy
Its stink fills lots of space
Yet goes unseen, cannot exist
No, not in this pure place.
Say, what
did I just bump into?
Why can’t we see with courageous eyes
its mean fearsome face to face?
For if we could
It surely would
Shrink to a danceable size.



Frigid air

Frigid air
Fred Astaire
What when the
two shall meet?

Awaken care
Dancing flare
Light on their
own two feet

Truthfilled stare
Grace the pair
Cool in swirls
steam of heat

Destined fare
Touch to dare
Clean edges
smoothly greet.