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Spirit guide

Spirit guide or
Ghost in guise
How to tell the difference?
Entrust in God
To whom I vow
Faith and all great deference.

My spirit mine
All love divine
White light surround
Self, house and ground.



Travel Angel

Travel Angel spread your wings
Soon your faith will fly
Protecting us on the road ahead
Where unknown dangers lie.
Where do we go from here?
Any road will take us there?
Does knowing where we’re going matter
After the present moment?
Whether or not we arrive,
Hope and dreams depart
Giving meaning to
This very step



Icy river

Icy river seeps deep in veins
sending trembling waves
Dark blue moon, are you there?
Cold wind delivers uninvited chills
Shaking limbs shiver sans ceasing
Where is the warmth I’m seeking?
Though frozen current stings
skin rubbed raw serrate air
Still hunting heart fire burning
Glowing coals eternal
Watch over us, guide us with grace
To turn tide toward love
When fears we name and bravely face



Split Decision

Split Decision
Two-way tie
We decide
And shall I
Inner quest
Verdict cast
Not loss to win
Nor first from last
Truth be told
Honor still
Come what will
Each moment past
A choice be made
Toward greater love
Care be taken
To convey
Not martyr’s guilt
Nor selfish way
So listen deep
What God’s to say
Guide heart’s path
To peace we pray



Faith extend

Faith extend

Slow to bend
Out pattern set
Lines defined
Sharp borders

Step extend
Low safety net
Cries confined
Close quarters

Smile befriend
No freedom fret
Tries refined
Cross mortars

Spirit tend
Known limits let
Ties unwind
Faith toward hers.