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Chocolate sweet enticing line
Tantalizing shine
Foil unfolds fortunes told
Again the choice is mine
To nibble just one
Two, okay just three, then
The wrapper is so much fun
Bright smooth red or purple or teal
How to resist the aesthetic appeal?
And once revealed, creamy
Center delectable
Chocolate sweet, indulgence sure



Book Maker

Book Maker, if you please
Fashion bound covers carry with ease
Pages of words together strung
Like strands of gems and spacers and beads sung
Touched and worn
Gleaned, adorned
Collected for just an occasion
We cherish, remember and read



Butterfly Moon

Butterfly Moon
Please come soon
Soul longing for so long now

Anxious heart
Impatient with time
Not knowing if love dare avow

Butterfly Moon
Please come soon
Lone spirit fears she will miss you

May swift felt wings
Carry you near
And time be enough to kiss you

Butterfly Moon
Please come soon.