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Love sufficient

Love sufficient to wrap around
Embrace old hurts
Tethering us down
Linger where stories told
Fears fall way
Healing unfolds
Love sufficient

Wrap it all
over and over,
wrap it all
‘round tight.
wrap it ‘round
each bony bend,
wrap till no more



Baby Bundle

Baby Bundle
Precious gift from God
Your stay seems much too brief
Your spirit present
Touches us still
Reminder in heartfelt grief
Of radiant soul
Each a child are we
Sent as a package unique
To love and be loved
In the light of the Lord
Comfort and guidance we seek.







Butterfly Moon

Butterfly Moon
Please come soon
Soul longing for so long now

Anxious heart
Impatient with time
Not knowing if love dare avow

Butterfly Moon
Please come soon
Lone spirit fears she will miss you

May swift felt wings
Carry you near
And time be enough to kiss you

Butterfly Moon
Please come soon.