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Light Bright

Light Bright
Love shines the way
Dispels the deepest dark
Clears this space with
Prayer and grace
No fearfulness to hearken
Home of love
Air light to breathe
Light room to stand
Toward sky
Great Spirit welcome
Surround me grand
Strands expand luminesque
Open room to reflect
Light Bright



Travel Angel

Travel Angel spread your wings
Soon your faith will fly
Protecting us on the road ahead
Where unknown dangers lie.
Where do we go from here?
Any road will take us there?
Does knowing where we’re going matter
After the present moment?
Whether or not we arrive,
Hope and dreams depart
Giving meaning to
This very step



Lickity split
Lavender chick
Why do I save the best for last?
What I claim to enjoy
Gets left to the end when
Most of my energy is spent
What little is left gets squeezed
Without thought just so something
Gets made for the day



Tiny Genie

Tiny genie
I dreamed her up
Of nothing she seems
No, nothing much.

Three easy wishes
Do come to mind
Something for nothing?
If she’d be so kind.

Satiate hunger
For popcorn with butter
Music that smiles
On souls like no other

Lastly, I wish
For strength where I tire
Seeking to find
My own hearts’ desire.