Amy Egenberger

Spiritual Coach…

Over the last fourteen years as a professional coach, Amy Egenberger, M.Ed., CPCC has helped hundreds of people tune into their inner wisdom and ratchet up their creative power. Believing that creativity brings peace and healing, fun and joy, Amy coaches people seeking to engage more fully and artfully in their creative soul work. In addition to one-on-one coaching, Amy teaches Artist Way Experience classes and does group coaching to facilitate the work of personal transformation. With a spiritual and co-creative approach, Amy helps educators, artists and business leaders tap into their inner knowing to guide them in designing and experiencing success.

As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Amy is a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute as well as the Co-Active Space International Leadership Training Program. She has completed and now co-leads the Advanced Coaches Training and is proud to be an Awakened Wisdom Experiences Coach.

After  years of venturing and building her coaching business, Amy now helps other creative people plan their business success. She is a licensed facilitator of the Right-Brain Business Plan® and leads fun and productive business planning workshops in the Twin Cities area.

Amy helps people come home to their truest selves, making way for creative action!


A licensed teacher for over twenty-five years, Amy lives a life of learning. From first graders to adults , she strives to inspire creative learning and community. Amy has worked for over two decades in the field of language immersion education and currently freelances as a curriculum consultant and professional learning facilitator and mentor for public school educators.

With a Masters in Second Languages and Cultures Education and Certification by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards, she continues to collaborate with educators in the discovery and use of best instructional practices.  Spirit Out! offers innovative professional development tools and workshops for educators, and designs transformative education for businesses and organizations. Amy specializes in supporting those who are dedicated to creating authentic, effective and creative learning communities.


She uses found objects and textiles to assemble small doll-like figures, and writes poetry inspired while creating each art doll. Amy loves to play with the metaphor of her artwork, which also includes painting and collage, as a medium between life experience and spiritual journey.  This may be why she loves leading the Artist’s Way Experience groups for those seeking to unblock the flow of their own natural creativity… because the process helps free her own!

Amy made her first doll fourteen years ago. Then on September 12, 2001, reminded how very precious time is, she decided to stop making excuses for not doing more of what she loves to do: creating. Amy committed herself to the making of a spirit doll and the writing of a poem every day for a full year. This 365 Doll-Poetry Collection was exhibited most recently at Homewood Studios in North Minneapolis in February of 2009.

Now Amy finds great joy in learning to paint with acrylics on canvas.  On September 12 of 2009 she began a new daily practice (as many artists do with their artwork).  She mixes and paints one color, puts a swatch of it on her calendar board and writes six words alongside the color.  The paint then finds its way to one or more canvases that Amy has going in her studio. Amy’s paintings also include layers of prayerful text that add positive energy to those who view or choose to purchase a painting.

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