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Shift-Ready Learner n. 1. One who is ready to shift from limiting old ways and beliefs to more loving, liberating new ways and beliefs, but may not know how  2. One who is engaged or with their life enough to be willing to learn, grow and expand.  3. One who is longing for more joy, love and happiness.

Tribe & Light Seeker n. 1. One who seeking more light and levity on their own unique path. 2. One who is willing to tune in to divine guidance as they walk, venture or set sail in life. 3. One who is looking for good camaraderie.

ARTpreneur (ärt´– prə-nûr)  n. 1. One who has a creative calling, inkling or dream for making a living  2. One who is spirit-minded and ready for help and learning to move forward 3. An artist desirous of generating income  4. An entrepreneur who sees business as an art form


EDuCREAtor (ĕj’ə-krē-ā’-tər) n. 1. One engaged in the practice of education 2. One retired from a teaching career who is spirit-based and longing to be of creative service in’life after school’ 3. One creatively sharing knowledge, wisdom, skills and stories so that others may learn


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