Letting Go

by amy on August 5, 2015

booksYou’ve heard of the book, right? The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo has proven popular this year, and very helpful to me.

I did it. I followed the author’s advice to address one category at a time. After culling my clothes, I took on the books. What a job, but totally worth it.

Moving them all to one place was tough, and yet [Read on]

Out Only?

by amy on July 2, 2015

OutOnlyFunny how the city painted this on the street curbside in front of my house!

When it comes to spirit, is it really “out only”?

The sidewalk in front of my house needed to come out because the tree roots had made it uneven. Rather than have it simply moved over, where damage might have been done [Read on]

Labyrinth Moves

by amy on June 21, 2015

labyrinth One of the many qualities I love about a labyrinth is the experience it give of the whole.

It’s a tricky talent to hold the big picture and take the singular steps of life, but this configuration offers a neat pattern. Oh, if it were so easy!

Nonetheless, its visceral metaphor gives me hope. When I want to turn right, the way bends to the left and I must [Read on]

Jester Joy

by amy on May 4, 2015

JesterMayDayLifting spirits along the May Day Parade route, creative souls walked tall in the streets. How must it feel to move and wave and smile from inside one’s creative expression? Creative fire on stilts this time! No, our creativity isn’t always part of a public fest, but how fun it is to witness the lively creations of others. Embodied, expanded, shared and multiplied by the smiles and inspired cheers of parade goers.

What inspires you? Something about being in and [Read on]

Creative Camaraderie

by amy on April 23, 2015

Our AW Group!Celebrating our Artist’s Way group! What a lovely walk it has been. Each of us on a unique path, yet we come together weekly for three months to share our stories.

We marvel at the synchronous happenings, honor the courage and truth in our showing up, and amplify the inspiration and power of our creative intentions and experiences of spiriting out. [Read on]

Spring Boardwalk

by amy on April 2, 2015

Boardwalk This spring boardwalk turned into a springboard walk for my well being.

Surrounded by urban landscape so much of the time, my spirit longs for something other than cement, asphalt, traffic, noise and exhaust. Thank goodness for artist’s dates!

I pushed myself to find what nature oasis the city, to get myself out into some fresh air. It always does [Read on]

View Above

by amy on March 19, 2015

TreetopsSometimes, you just gotta look up. I do, anyway. This has been a challenging stretch along my life path, with unexpected obstacles, painful experiences and what have felt like weighty forces operating counter to what I know and believe.

In the context of all that, I’m practicing setting it aside. Reviewing and dealing with matters as I need to, when I choose and with real support. Practice also includes [Read on]

Intentions Clear

by amy on January 5, 2015

NYIC2015Once again, the New Year Intention Celebration was a magical success!

In collaboration, Sheila Burns, owner of Bliss Yoga Studio and I, founder of Spirit Out!, co-led this 4th annual event.

Rather than thinking up goals or resolutions, we make space and safety invite 2015 intentions in. To discover one’s own inner desires and direction is so very powerful when [Read on]

Connecting Dots

by amy on December 21, 2014

dot-to-dotMy neighbor gave me the best gift. A dot-to-dot book!

Remember those?

When it is particularly challenging to see the order in what seems chaotic, I find it tremendously satisfying and reassuring to do a little dot-to-dot.

Even though each portrait in the book has 1000 tiny [Read on]

Crystal Clear

by amy on December 16, 2014

icecrystals3Funny how crystals on the window make the view anything but clear. But their intricate beauty is certainly clear.

An artist friend and I were talking about repeating patterns in nature such as the hexagon, figure eight, and spirals. Branching is one of the fascinating patterns that naturally speaks to growth.

Like the ice threads reaching along the window [Read on]