Art Appreciation

by amy on November 19, 2014

artappreciationtktsArt appreciation, believe it or not, was part of 3rd grade. We’d set up a gallery, reproductions of famous works lining the walls and handfuls of appreciation tickets. As the nine-year-olds slowly roamed the room, placing their paper opinions next to select works of art, we were growing our appreciation.

Where did we see value? What did we find to appreciate? The discussion that followed was sure to be eye-opening, and [Read on]

Before After

by amy on November 5, 2014

IMG_3986 copyBefore and after pictures are the best! You know, the room decorating makeover with the little dreary before photo in the corner of the stunning magazine layout?

Maybe because in education, the long-term results of a teacher’s vision and efforts materialize over years, I really appreciate seeing evidence of change. It’s satisfying. To see that my work makes a visible, tangible and positive impact [Read on]

Creative Layers

by amy on October 19, 2014

IMG_0140 copyJust came across this photo of a work in progress. Well, it’s done now, but seeing the mid-way point reminds me to appreciate the process.

How do we know when a piece of art is done, anyway? How do we not second guess ourselves and wonder if we’ve added just a bit too much or went a tad too far? [Read on]

Handle On

by amy on September 4, 2014

Ever feel like a kid handle2with a new bike? I do. Maybe because I just got a new bike. Well, new-to-me and I’m grateful.

The only thing is the handles. The bike needed new grips, so I went searching online. With sensitivity to vinyl, I’d hoped to find real leather, but no luck. When the ones with man-made material arrived, I wondered, “Could I possibly [Read on]

Whirly Ways

by amy on August 6, 2014

whirlycoptersRemember whirlycopters? As kids we’d toss ’em up and watch ’em spin to the ground.

For the Walking in This World class that just started, I asked us all to find a metaphor for our intention. Perhaps out on a walk, or somewhere else, we were to find an object that would hold and represent what we wanted for our creative path throughout the course. [Read on]

Sweet Spot

by amy on July 20, 2014

porchWhen I bought my house over two decades ago, I imagined hanging out on my porches. One in front, one in back, I set them up with sweet seating and conversation. It really hasn’t been until this year that I have successfully sat down.

Like many of us, I tend to be on the move in my house. There’s always something to do, fix, clean or make. But I’m learning. It takes conscious effort, conscious [Read on]

New Spaces

by amy on July 15, 2014

newspace2Life unfolds, and for unforeseen reasons I made the move to begin renting an office space. Don’t get me wrong. I have enjoyed holding my classes in various galleries, churches, studios and even coffee shops around town. It was good to have such a changes of scenery. But now I’m getting very excited about co-creating this learning space.

Have you experienced the awareness of having several of your gifts, talents, skills and seemingly silly passions [Read on]

Doors Off!

by amy on June 7, 2014

doors off!It’s been 21 years. For all 21 years I have lived in this house, I have disliked the kitchen cupboards. Simply awful! For 21 years I have been imagining replacing them, talking to my brother about making new cupboards altogether.

Then it dawned on me. Why not just take them off?! My friend Susan never seemed to hesitate to do-away with what didn’t work. “Open the shelves,” she might say. Of course! [Read on]

Patient Bloom

by amy on May 28, 2014

orchidsMay2014smTwo years have passed since this orchid from a friend has braved the blooming process. So precious, so seemingly rare and so very inspiring to me.

One day to the next, the closed bud nudges open and somehow turns itself inside out. Or is it outside in? Either way, the result is beautifully vibrant and animated.

What are the plants around you expressing in your [Read on]

Blank Canvas

by amy on April 28, 2014

blankcanvasSome feel daunted by a blank page or a clean canvas. I rather like it. A bit too comfortable, perhaps, with the possibility of what could be written or could be painted, I enjoy hanging around ready-to-go canvases and pristine new notebooks. Is the prepping stage where you tend to stop?

Then it appears. An image or a thought or a color or a phrase and I take the plunge into marking the open space. To jot it down, or get the first layer on, it feels good to be [Read on]