Crystal Clear

by amy on December 16, 2014

icecrystals3Funny how crystals on the window make the view anything but clear. But their intricate beauty is certainly clear.

An artist friend and I were talking about repeating patterns in nature such as the hexagon, figure eight, and spirals. Branching is one of the fascinating patterns that naturally speaks to growth.

Like the ice threads reaching along the window pane, or the veins of a leaf extending toward the edges, the movement reflects both flexibility and direction. Isn’t that what we get when we gain clarity?

Our desire for clarity is a natural part of the creative path. It eggs us on and inches up forward as we seek to peek around the edge of whatever is in the way so that we can get a glimpse of what’s ahead. Sometimes clarity comes that way. Other times, it washes over us like an epiphany, an ah-ah that has us exhale into a realization unveiled.

Either way, it’s worth noticing and appreciating both our desire for clarity and our experience of witnessing it when it comes. For it is our longing for clarity that coaxes the creative spirit out!

Where in your life are you desiring more clarity?

What do you notice about how clarity comes to you and your path?

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