Labyrinth Moves

by amy on June 21, 2015

labyrinth One of the many qualities I love about a labyrinth is the experience it give of the whole.

It’s a tricky talent to hold the big picture and take the singular steps of life, but this configuration offers a neat pattern. Oh, if it were so easy!

Nonetheless, its visceral metaphor gives me hope. When I want to turn right, the way bends to the left and I must trust it will loop around, if it does.

Out in a beautiful field of Kinstone acreage, the early morning Summer solstice ushered me through the labyrinth. A couple of times. Enter in, spirit out. Unlike a maze that is designed to be confusing and disorienting, a sort of test to one’s orienteering skills, a labyrinth offers a sacred structure. Less need for thought, more an invitation to trust.

How does your creative life path resemble that of the labyrinth?


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