Clients Say…

About the Spirit Out! Coaching with Amy…

“Her powerful visualizations and provocative questions allowed me to break free from the most stubborn blocks in my life and to guide me back to myself.”    ~Sharon, Retired Teacher & ‘Creative Explorer’

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be working with Amy. In just a few short sessions, I feel like I am able to make the changes I have wanted to make for years. Thank you! ~ Anita, Healing Arts Practitioner & Entrepreneur

“My demeanor and normal mode is so much lighter and happier.  Has my work situation changed?  No.  But my attitude and awareness has changed with a new frame of reference.” ~  Sue Tullar, IT Specialist

I feel an inner peace and true joy that I have NEVER felt before. I am so happy with my husband, my family and my friendships. I recognize support where I have never seen it before. Amy has been a wonderful coach.” ~  Rita Pesavento, HR Professional

“I don’t know what she does, but I keep getting these inspirations after I talk with her.”    ~Glenn Shiffet, Retired Engineer & Entrepreneur

“I am so happy to be working with Amy. I treasure her guidance and every penny is worth it.”    ~Cheryl Knight, Entrepreneur & Business Director

“Working with Amy within my artistic process was wonderfully helpful!  What was most useful to me was to have a neutral person to both be responsible to and to speak my ideas out loud without feeling pressure to justifying them.”    ~Miriam Colvin, Dancer & Art Director

“I feel like I’ve been swimming through the weeds and now I’m starting to see clear water. Thank you!”    ~Darcy Otto, Teacher

“What I learned in coaching has had lasting value. I can apply and reapply the principles. The learning became internalized so I could use it. I found it energizing and resulted in getting a fresh view not just of my art but my life.  The coaching affected my relationships and ways of working. With my sister, I feel we got over the hump.  Communication is a lot easier.  As a result of being willing to take an honest look and own my part, our communication and relationship is improved. I’ve learned to take risks with my art, believe in myself and step out of inertia in ways that I never have before.” ~Tom Heie, Retired Teacher & Poet (6  years after coaching with Amy)

“About the coaching time we spent together, I believe that I am forever different and better…. At the very least, life is more fun. And you know that is high on my list… in fact that IS the list!”     ~Sally Brown, Comedian & Entrepreneur

“I think I always knew that the answers were in me, but I never knew quite how to access them.  Amy listened to my needs and concerns and tailored our time to address my top priorities.  I recommend time with Amy for anyone who is looking to learn more about themselves, searching for the best answer for them, or looking to experience more spiritual learning.  I thoroughly enjoy every time I work with Amy.” ~ Sarah DeLanghe, Creative Entrepreneur

“Amy has been my coach for the last 4 months, and she is AMAZING. I can’t tell you enough about how much she has helped me think, teach, and learn about myself and others, and what choices I can make in order for ME to be happy.”    ~Terri Werness, Travel Specialist

About the Spirit Out! Classes…

“It’s a great opportunity to open up possibilities!” ~ Holly

“I learned to identify fears that create blocks and impede the joys of creative expression. I now challenge initial reactions, opinions and longstanding positions about who I am and what I can do.” ~ Gail

“It needs to be done in a group not solo…Thank you for the sacred circle!” ~ John

“It was a growing experience that impacted my life. It exceeded my expectations!” ~Glo

“I gained the experience of “community” and belonging to a group that had a positive, uplifting common goal or commitment.”

“I got a sense of teamwork and accountability that helped motivate me to do the hard work.” ~ Joe

“I got an experience that was a wonderful, gentle stretch, a nudge toward aliveness, and the company of a few lovely folks!”    ~Melissa

“My writing used to be locked in a cabinet, literally! Now I have created a special place for writing in my home and in my daily life.”    ~Sharon

“I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I got was a wonderful journey to explore my attitudes about creativity. One thing I value from this Artist’s Way Experience is the camaraderie of the others.”    ~Zora

Spirit regularly calls me to be who I truly am. The Artist Way experience has been a great vehicle in this process. I now find myself in the dance of creation.    ~Steve

“The group offered me a chance to hear my own voice and to understand my own path in the stories of others also on their creative journeys. Living a creative and artistic life is no longer a theory. Appreciation and nurturing of my creative spirit has changed the way I view myself and my life. I see my whole life as an invitation to live and move from my creative center, so that anything – cooking, gardening, making business arrangements – all are creative expression.”    ~Sheila