Monthly Archives: November 2011


Lickity split
Lavender chick
Why do I save the best for last?
What I claim to enjoy
Gets left to the end when
Most of my energy is spent
What little is left gets squeezed
Without thought just so something
Gets made for the day



Flat lady

Feeling rather flat today
Not entirely my self
Sense the need to censor some
Not always best for health
My energy has drained away
Left with lesser silhouette
So hopefully tomorrow frees
And refills me sans regret.



Dancing 'Round the Rhino

Dancing ‘Round the Rhino
Make way!
Here it comes
Look out!
Has anyone seen the invisible beast
that no one is talking about?
It’s huge
It’s heavy
Its stink fills lots of space
Yet goes unseen, cannot exist
No, not in this pure place.
Say, what
did I just bump into?
Why can’t we see with courageous eyes
its mean fearsome face to face?
For if we could
It surely would
Shrink to a danceable size.



Being time

Being Time
Little Match Girl
Strike it rich stitch in time
Saves mine match strike spark a blaze
Craze the flame from a glow
Blown breath a new
Moment of complete acceptance
Without doing only being
Time of eternal truth