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Travel Angel

Travel Angel spread your wings
Soon your faith will fly
Protecting us on the road ahead
Where unknown dangers lie.
Where do we go from here?
Any road will take us there?
Does knowing where we’re going matter
After the present moment?
Whether or not we arrive,
Hope and dreams depart
Giving meaning to
This very step



Tiny steps

Tiny steps to quantum size
And every in-between
When change unfolds, direction clear
Far greater than mere decision
Random plays, grand sequence still
Orchestrates the score
Our task to focus on baton
In peripheral view
And walk the pace as meter change
Tocks sojourn gate
Listen, take step and


Spirit Call

Spirit Call
Back from the land of so-unfair
Back from judging why
Call your spirit
Back from hurts done unto you
Back from eye for eye
Back from schemes to orchestrate
Back from so-in-charge
Call your spirit back
To faith that who you are
Is here to be just you
Here to release your hold on love
To forgive what cause for pain
Here to act in tandem stride
Kind Maker’s will gives rein
Hear whispering spirit call



Graceful swimmer

Graceful swimmer
Centered in ice blue lanes
Direction clear
Free of decision
Fluid caresses of all my skin.

Peaceful swimmer
Floating on soft blue waves
Steady rhythm
Effortless breathing
Gentle rocking of child within.



Swirl Girl

Swirl Girl

Champion of whirl
From that, to this
Plans and promises
Projects and lists

What to start first?
What to finish the last?
If only a question of
Staying on task

All top priority
Of importance utmost
So what goes on hold?
She knows she knows

Center her world
Obligations reeling
Stop and name
This familiar feeling.

Instant of calm
This storm subsides
Moment of rest
A quiet resides

Then the wind blows again
And she’s up in a spin
Twirling and swirling
To no peaceful end?